RENDER 3D The ally for your design.

In the current market, to present a new product, most of the time you choose to use a render. But what is a Render?

3D rendering is the operation performed by a designer to realistically simulate an object or architectural project starting from a 3D model. It’s present in most industrial sectors starting from architectural design to advertising, marketing for companies.

In a few words 3D rendering is nothing more than a digital representation that comes from a three-dimensional model to which are applied textures of real materials, all illuminated by lights that simulate the behavior of natural and artificial light sources.

Whoever realizes a rendering 3D has the task to expose an idea, realizing a realistic image that transmits to the customer the same feelings that it would feel if the object in question really existed.

The renderer begins his project by starting a CAD program (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) where it will create an environment in which it will be able to draw the forms that make up the project, whether it is an object or a room, entering the right measurements.

This is a technology that allows you to design and then create the relevant technical documentation. In the modeling software the renderer, then, will implement the object drawn in a scene, adding the lights and materials of the objects.

Making a 3D Rendering brings several advantages:

  • can facilitate the work processes of the entire team as it is a valid solution to reduce the production time of a company;
  • design costs can be reduced. 3D rendering projects can be quickly modified and tested;
  • you can use it to explain the operation of the product, complex concepts in the simplest and most effective way.
  • facilitates the approval phase as it is able to deliver a clear and true design eliminating any type of misunderstanding;
  • the images generated can be used as communication tools to present an object not yet realized.

3D Rendering is not only a tool to improve the dynamism of the industrial process, to reduce design and production costs, but it is also a technology for the creation of a new communication to be used in marketing.

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