Forniture Trend 2021

A simple and functional environment with few decorative objects is the trend of 2021. Few furniture with an essential style, without unnecessary and bulky objects.

Minimalism is not only elegant but offers many advantages. Especially in the presence of small spaces the combination of this style with soft colors gives a pleasant and peaceful look throughout the environment. The furnishing of hotels is a particular area in which an individual approach must be combined with the specific needs of hotel managers and with the general principles of arrangement and decoration of the buildings of this industrial segment.

But what are the trends of this 2021?

  • If you don’t have a garden, the only solution is to recreate the natural environment inside using large-scale wood. Wood is the new must, used not only for floors but also for wall and ceiling coverings. Light woods and dark blue colour, combined with golden furnishing accessories give life to contemporary spaces with a unique and unmistakable style.
  • Neutral tones transform a room into a temple of relaxation: with shades of sky and earth, with the sweetness of pastel colors, with soft colors that caress the view and the senses. 

A combination in vogue is also that of the two opposite poles: black and white. This timeless combination is simple and bright and never goes out of fashion.

  • Metals represent a practical and modern approach almost always present in the design schemes of interior design. Currently copper, bronze and brass are present in any room of the house and become basic decorative elements. 

The metals are versatile and revive a bare environment, they also resist the wear of time and are easy to clean.

  • Natural light has a decisive role, it is essential that it invades the whole environment. For this reason, light curtains with light colors are chosen that allow the passage of light.

It is not necessary to furnish everything with important design pieces. Sometimes you just need an object that stands out and that connotes the whole environment with its distinctive personality. 

Here then can be enough an original table or some particular chairs to give flavor to the whole environment. The real luxury today is not quantity but quality in the simplification of spaces.

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